Coronavirus Update - Effect on China Suppliers

As some of you already know, “Chinese New Year” is a 1/2 month long holiday in China. This year it began on January 25th and lasted until February 8th. But after Chinese New Year, public transportation was shut down in much of China due to the coronavirus outbreak, and many factories have still not re-opened. This is significant.

Shipments from China take about a month to cross the ocean. Our last kit shipment from China was shipped in mid-December, and we received it mid-January. Our primary kit supplier is not expected to re-open their factory until mid-March. Also, we have been told that when they do re-open, their production will only be at about 50%, and they won’t be able to ship our next container until May, which means we will not receive it until June. This means kits that are currently out of stock will remain out of stock for a few months. Also, since our supplies are dwindling, we won’t be having many (if any) kit sales. Most of our Animal Kits are not affected, so for the most part our “Kit Sales” will be limited to animal kits.

I am trying to make this up to you by putting more of our other things on sale. Right now I have 50 different “Other Special Deals” on sale (plus 9 animal kits). Those 50 items will be looked at on a daily basis to see what changes to make, but it is in the “Other Special Deals” area where most of the sales will be.

We also have a couple more New Releases that are in the warehouse, but not yet ready for sale. Those will be probably be made available sometime in March. Also, we might occasionally put other kits on sale (besides the animal kits), depending on a number of other factors (revenue needs, keeping staff busy, etc.). But kit sales will be limited, so when you see them, you might want to take advantage of them.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thank you for the update!

Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

Thank you for confirming this. We can wait for sales and everyone stays safe. Can’t wait for the new realborns.

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Thank you, it is so nice having such a thorough understanding, this really helps us as artist formulate a realistic plan for the future for business for the next few months!


Thank you for the update. Have a wonderful rest of your week.:heart::hibiscus:

Thank you, Nevin. Here’s to hoping all this improves in the near future, especially for you, as it’s not easy running a big company when supplies are being held up somewhere else.

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Thank you for the update !

Hopefully this won’t affect business as much as it seems it will. I can’t even imagine

I totally understand. Thank you for the update💕


Hopefully this won’t last long and they get a handle on this quickly. It’s scary for everyone.

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Thank you for the update.

Everyone could go through their stash and sell now if you don’t want something. This will effect our lives but we can put up with it for a while. I just hope that lives are safe.


Thank you for always keeping us informed. Honestly $45 isn’t that much to get a great quality kit. Sales are always nice, but think of it this way: if we buy now, we can choose any baby we want to paint without regard for what is on sale. Today I got all my favorites all at the same time- Aria, Skya, Brooklyn, Darren, JADE, and Summer Rain. Now that is happy mail! And I’m happy to help keep the staff busy during this crazy uncertain time :slightly_smiling_face: