Corona Virus Update - March 7th - Update Concerning Effect on Supplies

UPDATED 3/9/20: Kits that we have less than 30 days of stock on have now had their prices adjusted per the announcement below. Other kits will slowly follow.

The first coronavirus case was confirmed in Utah yesterday (March 6). Officials believe the patient was exposed to the COVID-19 virus while aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship. That patient then returned to Utah and visited the doctor after developing symptoms consistent with the coronavirus.

In comparison to Utah’s single case of coronavirus, California and Washington states now have more than 80 confirmed cases each. Even 80 cases is tiny compared to normal flu, but coronavirus has a higher fatality rate and a higher contagion rate than normal flu, and that’s why officials are concerned.

The worldwide preparation for coronavirus is making supplies tighter across all industries. That includes the reborn doll industry. Our own supplies are now at a two year low, and moving lower. Because of that, we are planning on reversing the price cuts we placed on kits last fall. Realborn kit prices will soon be returning to their previous $59.95 price point, and normal 20” sculpted kit prices to their previous $39.95 price point, with other kits priced accordingly. Also once a kit goes out-of-stock, it might be awhile before we have more of that kit. Please plan accordingly.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thank you for letting us know.

Understandable, but sadly, will prevent me from buying until prices adjust again.


Thanks for keeping us updated! So sorry this is affecting your stock! Hope things settle down soon.


Thank you for letting us know and thank you for giving us a notice before the price goes back to $59. I hope this settles soon


Kit hoarders unite and rejoice. Our time has come! I can finally focus on my stash.


Thank you for always offering us the best price possible. $59 is still a great price. Your kits are top quality. I hope and pray this coronovirus mess doesn’t hurt your company overall. :heart:


Yes! I have more than enough kits. This has actually made me slow down on preorders. Now I can focus on what I already have. :wink:


Me, too. I’m not going to tie up any more of my money in preorders until things are back to normal.


Thank you for the update.

I’m killing myself laughing. I was just explaining this to my husband and how I’ll be alright with my stash and then I read your post, too funny.


Yeah…I’ll not be buying as much either…I’ll do what I have and wait for sales!!

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Thank you for the update and for giving us notice before the price goes up again.

Thanks for the heads up! I guess Ill have to let my customers know that my doll prices will be going up as well. Im booked at the moment anyway and dont need to order anything right now. I just stopped by to see what was on sale today while I had a little extra money so I might could grab a few deals but guess Ill have to wait…Thanks again for the heads up! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the update. I have plenty of kits to keep me busy for now


Same here, time to work on my stash, lol

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