Cornstarch on silicone?

I just received my first silicone and can I use just cornstarch to powder him? The care instructions say to use matting powder or baby powder made with cornstarch. The only baby powder I can find has aloe. Is that okay to use?

I know some people use straight cornstarch. I would avoid any baby powder that has additives, as we don’t really know if it would react with silicone, but maybe try to ask on a Facebook silicone group?
Personally I only use matting powder, it’s seems expensive but you only need a small quantity and you are sure it’s ok. With the price of silicone kits, I want to be on the safe side !


I’m gonna get the powder that the artist recommended but I had to bath him cause he had a lot of fuzzies and I didn’t want to leave him unpowered. I ended up using the cornstarch for now.


We used to use corn starch or corn starch baby powder because that was the best we had in the industry. Now we have access to silicone powders made specifically for this. Corn starch will matte the doll but it is abrasive and over time can wear away the paint from the friction of applying it. It is well worth investing in a silicone poweder such as Just Matte from D3 Creations or Silicone Velvet sold a few other places. When applying the silicone powder you want to dust it on with a large soft makeup type powder brush and NOT rub it on and into the baby with friction. Friction will wear the paint finish as well whether powdering your baby, bathing it, dressing it, etc.