Corbin or Trey on full-leg body

I was wondering if Corbin or Trey would look right if made as a full leg baby. Does anyone have pictures to share, and also which body did you use? Thanks for the help!

I haven’t tried, but maybe on the front-loading leg body. Like the one for Asher.

Edit: Maybe body number 7540

Thank you. That’s what I ordered, then started 2nd-guessing. Hope it works!

Let me know how it turns out!

I sure will.

Trey from @WillowsWeeOnes . :smile:
On a full leg body, I think…

A front loading one may look better.


Oh, he’s adorable! Now I’m determined to find time to work on him this weekend. Thank you for sharing!

Thank-you, I think so too. :smile:

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