Copy cat Trey china

Here’s another fraud!! THey have duplicated Trey.

I’m very concerned that these China knock offs are going to destroy the reborn industry as we know it. Is anyone else?

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Michelle Fagan commissions dolls with a couple of doll companies(Paradise Galleries and Ashton Drake). I’ve noticed that many of these resemble kits that we see in the reborn world. It’s possible that this may be one of these dolls. If you do a Google search, you will see what I mean.

That looks like Trey’s face but not his hands. It’s a Frankenbaby…poor thing!

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How do you spot a knock off? I’m fairly new to the art, so I haven’t been around long. I definitely don’t want to support thieves. Any tips to help avoid buying a knock off?

They usually say soft silicone vinyl and somewhere on the listing it says from China or ships from China. Look carefully.


Yes, you’ll see a lot of that on e-bay.

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All the above plus the fact that this doll does not have Trey’s original arms… So that made me suspicious.

Thanks for the tips! I dont know what limbs go with who yet, so that might take a while

I agree. It is definitely worrisome. It’s also creating a lot of doubt to those that buy kits on ebay. It’s scary. Who knows if someone (Meaning another artist. Not the factories in China)who is selling a kit, got it from a reputable place or not. I know it’s crosses my mind sometimes when I see someone selling a Sold Out Kit on Ebay.