Cooper is in stock. How many of you ordered? I am surprised he is not sold out yet. I got mine. Can’t wait to paint him.

He is really cute!

I ordered mine, too, I’m already picking out eyes. I think he’s just the cutest thing, I don’t think I’ll be able to let him go when he’s finished!

I will have to find an old photo of my older brother—Cooper is a perfect match. I’m trying to save money to buy him but it probably won’t happen until after Christmas.

He will go on my wish list

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I want him really bad, but I have a lot of sculpts. And, my husband already thinks I’m a sculpt hoarder. LOL!!

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I feel your pain… I am in the same position… can’t order until I finish up some of the kits I have on hand…

he is on sale for seconds… makes him 25.00