Cookie on e-bay!

Has everyone seen Cookies e-bay auction??? WOW !!!TDF!!! BB I cant waite for these lil darlins -I want them all!!!

DebiC -Tinkerbell did an outstanding job-as always !!! But boy do I want these big babies !!!

They are darling!! I’d love to get them all except for one part. I don’t want to have to root that big head. It was hard enough to root Kyle’s big head and these heads are even bigger!! LOL

The kits are expensive too. I just noticed that they will be 69.95! Not a bad price I guess, but we have been so spoiled with the lower BB prices that to go above that 50 dollar level is going to take me some serious work! LOL
But she is cute, and of course Helen did a good job, she could reborn an old stump in the woods and it would look fabulous. I think it is called talent! LOL

I’d like to get a toddler but with the economy the way it is and eBay the way it is, it just wouldn’t be a wise business decision at this time at those prices.