Conversation with my Postman

This morning I went to the post office to mail out all the packages from my sale along with a few other boxes and some gifts going to grandkids in Georgia. 10 boxes in all.

Picture this…tiny shoebox of a post office with one full time employee. I walked in with the 10 boxes going to various locations. The postman looks up and says…I don’t do packages on Tuesdays. Great, I said…today is Wednesday. We both laughed because he forgot Monday was Labor Day and he was kidding with me anyway. He asked, what is all this? I said mostly baby parts. :eyes::flushed:. He says…really? I said yes really! So yall better not be kicking my boxes around on the loading dock after I leave.


They better not part of those baby parts are mineLOL​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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The poor postman I wonder what he thought with all this stuff going on about planned parenthood??? Yikes !!!

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I just wish you could have seen his eyes! Of course he sees that my return address is My Blissful Babies and that didn’t help either…lol.


Lol to funny!

I’m sure he was very curious! I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened one just to see. :hushed:

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I think it’s horrible the amount shipping and duty costs y’all. It’s rediculous. Postman told me that the same package would arrive on the same day (6 days later) if I sent it Standard or Priority Express. Priority was going to be $8 more so naturally I picked the Standard. Just crazy. I’m going back with another package today.

HA HA that is exactly what I was thinking !

Sounds like a fun postman! Hope everything arrives safely! Didn’t know you had grandkids down in Georgia. If you ever stop through maybe we could meet up :smile:

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I’m in Montgomery Al…where in Georgia are you?