Convention Oven for babies

Ok ladies, quick question. Some of you recommended the NuWave oven for baking my doll parts. Getting ready to order one but want to make sure what I am looking at is gonna work. They have the regular NuWave but the one I am looking at is the NuWave Pro Infared Convention. Is this what I want and is there a difference in them?

Yes, Nuwave convection oven and absolutely get the extender ring.

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Sounds good ladies!!! Thank you so much for the input. Now I know I am on the right track~ LOL!!!

Love my Nuwave! Yes, the extender ring is a must.

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@ TinyTimms Doris I am hearing its really a good oven. Ordered it yesterday!!! :slight_smile:

You will love it! Let us know if you have any questions about it.

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@TinyTimms_Doris Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it and will take you up on that, :smile: