Consignment shop fun

Had to get some boy clothes for Kase. So cute! They were closing soon so I didn’t get to look around much and felt pressure to hurry along. I mean they didn’t say anything but- oh whatever! I wonder if they are talking about me yet since every time I go in there I buy newborn clothes…


Forgot to post pics😛


Really cute outfits .

he’s darling cute outfit’s:slight_smile::grinning:


You are such a good mommy. :heart:️:kissing_heart:

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Great model baby! :smile:

Adorable!! I love the plaid airplane set. I always have people ask me things about lots of newborn clothes. Sigh… I just tell them I’m a doll artist. Mostly that leads to showing picture of my work. I usually get good responses but every now and then someone is kinda weird.

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Cute outfits! I just was commenting to say how cool it is that the magnet worked for kase too! So cute!

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Adorbs. Hahaha, I know what you mean! I wonder if they think I’m just always pregnant. LOL.


Haha same here! My local thrift store has a sale every other Wednesday and I always clean them out of their baby clothes :laughing:

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Thanks Sierra! I was happy to get a blue paci and green bottle and the brown blanket- since I switched Kase to a boy, he had nothing! Now he has a few outfits and something to sleep in😉I am loving Serenity too. She is so sweet and I’m very happy to have her💗

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So pretty!!!