CONFESSION..your weakest doll making skill

Ok my embarrassing reborn making confession. Rooting open eye babies.
Im so bad i dont do them any more. No im not a total newbie i have made about 45 dolls now ! .
This is one im giving a grand daughter.Laila Awake.Only one but Kimeko look Asian but has open eyes. my kriptonite!
Had to pull these out in the end .Ok you can laugh…

Now show me your weakest skill


The same as you. Rooting eyelashes on an open eyes baby. I hate that !

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eyebrows. I despise them.

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Sealing. I can never get it to be as smooth as I want. I always end up with a line from a sponge or an overly thick area. I don’t know how so many get it beautifully smooth!

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Ahh mine is the same, I’ve given up on my last two and used applied lashes. I’m going to try again on the next open eyed one though.

nails…grrrr. some days all of it!

Mine is sparsely rooted hair. I have no intention of even trying open eyed rooted lashes. lol I already know I couldn’t do them well enough to suit me.

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The asian babies don’t seem to have much of a water line so it may be why you are having problems rooting them if those are the only ones you have tried.

I hate eyebrows but now that I use prisma pencils its not so bad. I can’t for the life of me paint hair but I will keep trying…I may mix some prisma in as well and maybe that will help me. Im not brave enough to try on any of my finished babies but I have an old practice head that is painted so Im trying on that one next.

Yes some open eye not been too bad although always frustrating to me These Asian lids as you say no lid!!Didnt even think about the lashes until i was ready to start then it hit me gggrrr why did i get these?
I.agree with nails too i have to be in the right frame of mind Some days not too bad others im all thumbs although i kind of enjoy it when it goes right .
I added prisma hair under what im rooting as i dont have much time to do full heads for both as we are meeting them this Saturday when they come in town .
Short notice
Besides which their others ive given them get a lot.of wear and hair looks like fright wigs lol

Awake eyelashes whether rooted or applied! I hate it! It makes me want to do only sleeping babies! I have done over 200 babies and I still hate it.

I am working on Kimi and gave her prisma lashes and it looks pretty good


Beautiful, great idea!

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That does look really good…clever idea.

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Eyebrows! I HATE that part. :tired_face:

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I guess I would have to say rooting hair. I can never get it the way I want it.
Eye brows would come in second.

Nails! I can never get them neat enough.

Rooting hair, Rooting open eye lashes, Painting eyebrows!

I think i would say lips for me. Especially when they are smaller. Big full lips seem to be a bit easier, but still challenge me

eyebrows and hair cutting

I dont mind rooting eyelashes at all

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Lisa that does really look good!

Pamela Oh now i feel really hopeless 200 dolls and still a problem? yikes

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