Concerning swaps and contests

i would suggest that anyone who is put in charge of a swap or contest should have to be someone with a significant number of posts and is regularly active on the forum!!

Agree with both of you!

I, personally, would only feel comfortable doing a doll swap if I knew and/or could choose who I was swapping with. Round Robins and things like that I wouldnt be too worried about. Thanks!

I think what has been proposed if fair. If participants of the swaps are required to be ESTABLISHED and REGISTERED members of the forum showing regular and frequent activity, we all get to “know” each other a bit. With that should come a certain level of trust - and this will not serve to eliminate anyone wanting to participate, but rather giving everyone the same opportunity to participate by following basic rules. Therefore if you choose to join in, simply meet the criteria set forth for participation. Does that make any sense? And, if circumstances come up that will prevent or delay promised items, just make that information available at the earliest possible time so that either changes can be made or at least someone will know to expect delays.

Quoting myself from that other topic

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I have an idea that might be useful in the future.

First, that the host of the swap doesn’t participate in the swap at all. In that way, the host can’t be blamed for “chosing” the best reborner or doll for herself, or be held responsible for any problems between swap partners. Her only purpose would be to recieve the photos, share them when everyone sends them, match up swap partners and send everyone the right addresses.

Second, everyone participating should be active, trusting, well known members. There should be a minimum of posts on the forum (200 perhaps?) and a minimum of (3, 4?) months of activity on the forum. I know, it wouldn’t be fair to the new members, but I think that this would be a safer option.

Third, there should be a list of participants visible in the swap topic. So everyone would know whose baby they might get and who participates. I know, this partly eliminates the element of surprise, but still - until you get the doll, you won’t know whose doll it is.

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