Complete re-rooring

Hello moms (and maybe some dads!) I have a question for you all: completely retooting? Yes or no? I got a doll who’s hair was rooted WAY to thick (not by me. She was like that when I bought her) and I wanted to know if it’s a good idea to take all of it out, and do it again. I really want to practice my rooting, and I don’t like the color or texture or anything on the baby I have now.

Also, because I’m still so new at this, I use the root-the-loop method. I want to try human hair, and I have some weave hair that I could use/practice with.

I would absolutely love to hear your advice and opinions on the matter to see what you more experienced reborn moms have in mind.

Also, there is a big surprise in store for you all!!! :smile:


Human hair is very coarse for a newborn. It could be used on toddlers. It won’t give you a soft, newborn look.

Good mohair, preferably yearling, rooted by the cut end will give you the best results.

If the fiber on the head is natural, you can clip, pull out the glue inside, and use Nair on the stuff that is stuck on the outside.

Good luck!


It’s definitely a lot of work to re-root but the results can be very good. After you’ve removed the hair, you may want to heat the head for a bit to try to close up the holes. Some people seal a layer of matte varnish or other medium on the head if the holes are big.

Human hair is not a great idea for a newborn look. It really only looks natural when rooted one strand at a time from the cut end on a toddler. Get some good quality mohair and small needles if your goal is to micro-root. I only ever use 43g single barb needles. There are several premium mohair suppliers with reasonable prices.

Good luck!!

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