I may go crazy if I get another email asking me to bring my prices down because my babies are not in someones budget.

I understand it is frustrating when you work hard and want something but it is out of reach at the moment but I work hard too. I took a gamble and invested in this dolly-making-gig and it wasn’t a small investment.

My kids have put things on the Christmas list that I have had to say “Uh…yep, that is not going to happen, way too expensive, but you can save your money for it and buy it for yourself someday…”

I don’t go to Target and say “Hey, my kid wants this “thing” (not a thing they need just a want) and it is out of our budget and I need you to bring that down, you prices are not where I need them to be, and I would like to pay for that slowly over time, and can your throw in a few extra’s, thanks”

I have four babies I discounted for the Holidays, they are not my best or most favorite babies but they are not boo-boo babies. One of them I discounted almost a hundred bucks. I wanted to do something nice.

Still I get an email “When are you going to have a sale, my daughter really wants one of these but your prices are not affordable”

I am priced mid-range for a vinyl baby, I am not unfair.

I do not have a hard time selling babies.

My prices will go up next year.

I just don’t know what to say to these ladies without sounding insensitive or unkind.

Jen (creative newborns) just did a nice video about this a couple days ago, maybe I should just copy the link to it and send it.

Yikes what is it about these babies that makes people think they fell out of the sky into our homes and we are obligated to pass them along?

My apologies for sounding rude and angry, I am not, just a little frustrated.


I hear ya! I’ve been slowly putting my prices up. It’s not like average reborn artists are making a living from this…at least im not, lol. I make enough to buy more supplies, ha!


Its not just the reborn market. I get people asking for discounted photo sessions all the time. I do free or discounted sessions for friends family or sometimes if I know someone can’t afford it but def not for someone I don’t know for no reason other than they love my photos but can’t afford me :flushed: “it’s just a picture” no it’s my time space props and equipment which I’m still paying off thanks and insurance on said equipment not to mention my family would like to see a return in their investment in sacrificing my time etc.

So yeah it’s a thing.


I had a lady bugging me to sell her the dresses off of two of my dolls. I said nope, those outfits were carefully chosen just for those babies. She then offered me $20 above what I had paid for Journey’s dress. Nope. I told her that would require me to start over, shopping for a new dress and accessories, meanwhile taking the listing down while I did that. She asked how much I would charge for that. Nope. Go to eBay yourself lady. I’m not here to shop for your doll clothes. If you want that dress, it will be $700 and will include a free, beautiful reborn Journey doll. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Totally agree! 100%! Heres the link


This, and people asking me for payment plans, when I don’t offer them. I tried to be nice last week, and took a payment, before finding out this person does this habitually and then asks for a refund. I am glad you are sticking to your guns. I am going to do the same. This is the time where, if we so choose, we can actually ask more for our babies, and it is out of generosity that we are not marking them up for the holidays :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love your title “complaining.” So simplistic and forthcoming :joy:


You are saying everything I have been thinking and feeling! I have a lady that thinks because you bought one of my babies, that I should “give her a good deal on the next baby” really… why…was it less work for me, less of my time, less money argh!


I make painting tutorial videos on YouTube and I have made one talking about the scammers and fake reborns a few months ago. I have a woman who wanted to buy on one of those sites, asked me why it was scam, than after I explained, asked me where she can buy a cheap quality reborn…

It hurt my feelings a bit. I was tempted to tell her to watch my tutorials, that she can have an idea of what goes on the making of those dolls.

I don’t go to a Mercedes dealer to ask them where to buy a cheap car ! Or ask for a Picasso at discount prices !

I just tell her quality is not cheap.

That’s an epidemy I think.


I absolutely agree, I have been at this for over 9 years now and over the years I have heard so many messages from people asking me to lower the price on my dolls. And then trying to make me feel bad for not doing it.
A doll is a prime example of a luxury item. No one needs one, if you can’t afford one, either don’t get it or find one cheaper, there’s always one cheaper.
Sigh. Sorry you’re dealing with this. I don’t know why people this reborn artists want to wheel and deal


Love this … Ha ha

“ I priced my dolls as low as I could go , sorry if it is out of your budget . I hope you will find a baby you like and can afford really soon . Good luck “

This is what I say .


I’ve only had one person ask me to reduce my price. It was at a doll show and she really, really wanted that baby. It was a cuddle baby that didn’t cost as much to make, so I gave her a $25 discount. She was sooo happy! In my nursery description I state that I never charge more for a baby than I would be willing to pay myself. I charge what I feel they’re worth and don’t lower my prices. I’m very fortunate that I haven’t had a problem with this.


Yep that’s about it. I can’t keep doing them for what I’m charging.

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Say it louder for those in the back!!
Yes yes yes.
We don’t get discounts on kits/bodies/paints just because we can’t afford it.
Reborns are a want not a need no matter how they help.
There are babies as cheap as $100. There is always one cheaper if you “have to have one”.
I’ve had it happen alot recently. “What’s the lowest you’ll take?” “Will you take XX?”
Alot of artist take payment plans. Those that don’t? If you HAVE to have a baby by that artist…save!


You have no idea how many times I have wanted to say, “Go get yourself a piggy bank, up your payments in it, and when you get enough, come find me!” :joy:


It’s so hard NOT to say something along those lines especially if it’s message after message like that.
I’ve been asked multiple times the past few weeks for either cheap and even a free baby (she offered to help me out and pay shipping lol)
With all the YouTube videos out there of painting, people can see the work that goes into them if they look.
I have told a lady local to me who lives close after she asked multiple times if I would sell her a baby for $50 or less for her entitled princess(yes it sounds mean, but this little girl went as far as to try and steal a baby from me while I had a few outside taking pics)
That for $50 I would get her a blank kit and body on sale and she could figure out how to make it a “pretty baby”


Oh I don’t even know what I would say if that happened to me. I think it’s awesome when parents can afford to do something as nice as buy a reborn for their responsible, older child, but to try and get one for cheap is beyond me. I had a Lee Middleton doll as a child- my parents worked hard for even that. YouTube is making it seem like Reborns are something anyone can afford. Sadly, that’s not the case. Anyone asking me for payment plans gets a big fat no after recent events, and if they beg, they might just get blocked :grimacing:


@Gabriell I would like to say first and foremost, don’t you dare lower your prices. (Not that I thought you would cave to the pressure, but just in case)

You are one of my absolute favorite artists and I hope to one day own a baby from your nursery. That being said, I expect to have to save up for quite a while before that would be able to happen.

If that woman wants a cheaper doll, let her go and find one. When it comes to reborns, you get what you pay for. She can’t expect to buy Tiffany jewels for Target prices.


This is a good video that tells it like it is, but the beginning sounds like Romper Room with the magic mirror-Hello, Susie. Hello, Janie. Some of you are probably too young to remember Romper Room and will think I’ve lost my mind. LOL