Comments on the ROSE 2017 show---🌹

I am wondering what the members who went to the ROSE show for the first time, Thought??? Will you go again? What are some of your “high” points??


I loved it. Loved the class. I wish I could have taken 2-3 classes in the week because of coming from so far away. I will go again maybe not next year though. I enjoyed getting to meet the few forum members that I did get to meet.


i watched the video on BB homepage. it looked like a lot of good fun, positive energy, awesome, talented people, plan and stuff to look at. i love how they named the rows with the candy theme. and the cute candy, ice cream decor. i would LOVE to go.


This show was not only incredible, but it is the most fun you will have as an adult! It was beautiful, classy, and so many wonderful artists, and collectors, not to mention the high level of beautiful artistry. . Tons of give aways, new kit reveals, and the baby shower and awards banquet meals were SO delishious! I missed the ice cream social because we were exhausted, but it looked super fun. I made memories, and met dear dolly friends. I also adopted out all 13 babies to new homes the first day, and so did many other artists.
The hotel was beautiful as were views and the convenience of location helped alot, you could walk to many resturants and target and Michaels crafts.
The ladies I met were all super fun and friendly. It was one of my best experiences in ten years of dolls! This was a first class show and it will only get better and better, if that’s possible.
Highlights for me was definitely seeing artists you admire online, either meeting them in person or seeing their work in real. Oh and holding and seeing full silicone babies in person.


Best show yet!!! What a blast!!

By far, for me, the best is the fellowship with other doll lovers and meeting friends.

Winning 3rd place in Reborn Intermediate was totally awesome. And being recognized by well known artists was great too.

The whole show is classy and well thought out. Love it!!


I LOVED going and plan to attend next year - worth every penny - GREAT SHOW and very obvious how hard everyone worked to make it great

Wasn’t my first time… but it was my first time going to all the events! And I had a great time!!!

I wish I was a little closer so I could take each of my kids to different parts of it! There was something that each one would have loved!

But most of all I go to see all my forum ladies in person! :heart: So fun to chat face to face and @AnnDee66 and Denise made it super fun this year!


Thank You Ladies, I loved the show and was so curious as to how all the other “forum friends” felt about their experiences!!

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LOVE!!! Already planning for next year

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The show was amazing and All the work that went into it was very obvious -I cant believe ANN DEE was doing all that she did while growing a baby ,giving birth and dealing with a new born !!!Nevin and Denise run BB so great and still had time to make this the best show ever !! I def want to attend next year !!!


The show was so awesome. I had a blast. The events are fun and well organized. The show itself was a blast. There was such a good energy this year. I loved it.



So much fun!!!

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It was my first time going and I had such an AMAZING time. Definitely can’t wait for next year! Cher’s air dry class was awesome and I loved seeing all the artists’ work and meeting fellow collectors. It was dolly heaven for me… the staff did an incredible job! It’s a can’t miss event.:slight_smile:


This was the third year that I was able to attend ROSE. I told Ann Dee and Denise Pratt that I thought it was the best one yet. They had so many fun activities, decorations and lots of give-a-ways. It was high energy the whole time. I wasn’t going to be able to attend next year due to a family reunion that is planned for the time period that the show is usually held, but now with it being scheduled a week earlier it looks like I should be able to go again. If you haven’t been to ROSE yet, I would recommend saving up and going. It is so much fun.


This was my first time attending and I’m pretty new to the whole reborning community. I just wished something like this existed when I was a little girl! I would have been in heaven. As an adult tho, it was just so-so.

Highlights: It was great to see all the creations in person vs seeing them online where I almost always think the babies are photoshopped. Most kits were so much smaller than I thought.

Bummers: not being able to attend a class (mom couldn’t get off work), most of the dolls still for sale when I arrived were overpriced IMHO, barely anybody dropped their prices on the second day, I wish Bountiful Baby brought more of their inventory. They only had a handful of realborn kits for sale on site. I would buy from them more if their shipping wasn’t so pricey. So I wish they would’ve had more of their basic kits for sale at the event similar to what Irresistibles had at their stand. I would’ve purchased at least a handful.

It was fun, but I probably won’t go again. I can’t really justify the expense and I ended up not really buying anything anyway. It was also too hot to do anything outside of the show as well. We tried but it was just miserable. As a Minnesotan gal, 100 degrees is rough. Not much going on in Layton. Aquarium was fun, that’s about it.

Are you talking about Bountiful Baby shipping being pricey? Their shipping is a flat rate $7.95! You can order a ton of stuff and have it shipped for $7.95. That is pretty cheap.

Sorry you didn’t have a fantastic time at ROSE. I think most of the artists had their dolls priced fairly. Many sold out completely.

Were you able to attend any of the other activities? The Awards Banquet or Baby Shower? If not, you missed out!


2017 was my third show. I absolutely loved this year’s theme and all the fun. It was an amazing show and wonderful opportunity to reconnect in person with all my Dolly friends. I’ll have a table next year and I couldn’t be more excited cause I’ll be between Albie Wintzle and Julie Beck. SWEET!!
I can’t wait to see everyone there again in 2018.

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You all are making me REALLY want to go. I’ve been wanting to go, just didn’t see how I could with an autistic child and a toddler… The toddler is growing up and loves babies, so we may be able to make the trip (cross country for us, we are on the East Coast) this time. Won’t be able to take any classes with her in tow, but will get to see the babies and meet some of you. :slight_smile:

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