Our sale will be from about 5:00 PM Monday (Eastern Time, USA) through Tuesday evening.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, which is a major holiday in the USA. We will be closed that day, and so will the US Postal Service.

We will also have a skeleton crew Friday and much of Wednesday, because many employees want an extended holiday. So, our sale will be early-- from 5:00 PM Monday (Eastern Time) through Tuesday evening. Watch for it!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby



I need a Kameko (head only would be preferable)! Fingers crossed for a reduced price on this kit.


Kameko is on sale, but I just counted kits in my stash and I am not going to order. If someone has a Kameko head that they want to trade for another head that I might have, I would love to trade. I have Jaden, Londyn, and Paisley and Tanner heads available to trade.

Yes it can be lost until you check out. If the price changes while it is in your cart, the price also goes to the current price. Your shopping cart is like a “wish list”. Better buy it if quantities are limited.

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I really haven’t noticed if they put supplies other than kits and bodies on sale? Guess I should pay better attention.

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I wish they would have got everything together before starting the sale, it is extremely annoying getting sent back to page 1 all the time, I finally gave up and just checked out. I may have bought more but just got frustrated. I guess they figure it will keep more people on the site longer which will be good for them, so I can’t blame them for wanting more business. But anyway thanks BB for the sale, I bought stuff I didn’t really need, but I’m happy-----and BROKE!!!


I do appreciate a Good SALE, but for this sale I was hoping for a “Special” Black Friday SALE, that they would have more of the kits that they hardly ever put on sale… like Gemma, Shyann, Gena and Honey just to name a few…and they would have some of the supplies like genesis paints, and mediums on sale… I will still get a few things, but My wait so far has been in vain waiting for over a week to place an order) as I was hoping to snag a couple of Black Friday Specials on Shyann… and Honey… ( Is there still hope? )


I can only view a page or two before the site freezes :frowning:

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I was finally able to get my order in - yea!!!

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I was able to order a few kits and then went back and ordered all the other supplies (ie: eyes, etc) so I’ll have everything I need to finish them plus all the other kits waiting for me.

I have looked for sales many times for the supplies and I have never found any of the paints or brushes or even needles. If any of us ever notice supplies on sale we def. have to let each other know.

I agree, we should let others know when we see items go on sale that didn’t go on sale here… But… this “sale” to me was just them putting items they were overstocked on at the time and they limited the number that was available to purchase, thus raising the price back up within hours of going on sale, even though they were in my cart waiting for them to finish adding the items that was suppose to be on “sale”. If is was in my cart I should have been able to purchase it…at the sale price. Just disappointed as this was the only black Friday sale I was looking forward to and it bombed for me due to the technical issues with the pages not loading, the period of time it took to see all the items and the final straw was items being raised back to full price once they were in my cart. I appreciate a sale, but felt BB could have handled this better for their "Black Friday " Special Sale. Please let me know if you hear of any other good sales on supplies etc. Thanks

I will def. let everybody know of any good sales or supplies! Just as we said that we have never noticed any supplies on sale here they are on Black Friday Sale! This sale is really not a big sale at all when you go from like 240 items to 37 on Black Friday! Kinda sad!