Come See Two New Realborns on eBay Now!

Hi Everyone,

We have two new Realborn® prototypes featured on our home page, and they are available on eBay now!

Our Realborn® Landon is approximately 21 inches long, and he has full vinyl limbs. This adorable baby doll has been artistically reborn by Shirley Jones. Check out his auction at:

Realborn® Brittany has been beautifully reborn by Hollmann Hollis. She also has full vinyl arms and legs. The real baby Brittany was born weighing 9 pounds, and she was 20 inches long. Click the following link to see her auction

Enjoy and Take Care!

Bountiful Baby


Beautiful work!!!

Landon is sooo adorable!

I’m lovin Landon, but I don’t think I ever seen a reborn more lifelike than Brittany by Hollmann Hollis. Positively breathtaking.


Agree, bountiful baby picked some really talented artist on these babies for sure! They’re both beautiful and realistic.

They are both beautiful but I have to say that this version of Britanny is MINDBLOWING. I am so in love with this artist

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