Color Disproportionate.?

I was wondering bout, I had done another one and ive compared that one with another one from my collection, and I’ve saw the color so different, like that photo,
I’ve done the primary colors, anyways is to dark
What can I do for have a similar skin tone like that arm in the left, is it the primary colors wrong, or other skin/flesh tone
Can u please help me, cause it isn’t realistic like that, thanks


You can play with primary colors. Not just always repeat the 3. Like you can use only 2-3 layers of red for 5-6 of blue and yellow. You can mix blue and red to get a layer of purple. Try different combinations, dilute more or less…do less rounds…


I use UF. With my latest doll I did one round of primaries and then I did primary textures with different sponges. I wanted it to be more peach tone.


I love the one on the right also. It’s so warm and healthy looking to me. :slight_smile:


me too :upside_down_face:

Love this :slight_smile:

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I understand if it isn’t the exact color you were going for, but it’s still a healthy looking skin tone from this pic.:slightly_smiling_face: