how are you all making your collages? I’ve used ribbet in the past but without the premium I can’t upload more than 4 photos. so what else is available for free?

I just push collage at the top of the page

Then you add pics, choose layout, background color, etc.

Then export to editor at the top

then a pop up asks you if you want to export… at that point you cant fix your photos anymore…

Then you can add text, frames/borders, clip art, etc. If it is something for the paid version it tells you you cant use it.

Then save to computer

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Is picmonkey free? It just says “free trial”?

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There are some parts that you cant use without paying, but I have never used any of those.

Everything I have done is free and I use it often.


I use Pizap and it is also free.

I tried picmonkey last night and it started acting up. if it’s not straightened out tonight, I’ll try Pizap.