Coco Malu comparison--Irresistables vs. China

Just got my authentic Coco Malu and here it is beside the Chinese kit I bought and was not happy with. I am in the process of stripping and repainting it for salvation as a possible boo boo baby.

Here is my granddaughter I’m trying to match. This was when she was hours old. She got prettier. LOL


Trinny by Jessica Schenk.

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Oh wow! Big Difference.

Wow, that Chinese kit is really a lot smaller! I was curious about that

What are the head measurements of both? I have a kit and now I’m terrified it might be fake.

13 1/2" real one; 12" fake.

Jaleah at 6 months.


She is beautiful!

Now she looks like Coco Malu. Love those dimples!

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Yeah love it ! mine is coming today and I gotta say you are to blame for it I saw your post and had to have it so I think I will quit looking at the pictures for a while and just read the text lol.

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could you please tell me of where i should buy the right big one same as picture of coco malu doll kit. i want to buy the original doll kit coco malu version. thanks.

This is the original one.

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