COA dilemma

I have a LE doll that I’m getting ready to list. The COA has birth stats as well as the LE number on it. When I first filled it out it was really messy so I whited it out and re-wrote the birth stats. The kit name and edition number were written by the ?sculptor and are untouched. My dilemma is should I just disclose this or leave out the COA altogether?

If it just the birth date I see nothing wrong with it. You can disclose it if you want but it should not invalidate the COA. It is supposed to be written by the artist anyway?

Yes. I’m just concerned that the White Out might make a buyer think it’s fake.

I think if it were me i would be honest with the same info you gave us. We are all human and make mistakes, sound very ligitimate to me and probably the same to anyone one else.


I would have left it messy rather than putting white out all over it. IMO that is worse…but that is me. Now that it is done, I would show a photo of it in the listing and a disclosure explaining what happened. Since the whole issue of fraudulent kits and people wanting legitimate kits with a COA now I think it needs to be disclosed.

It was badly smudged and looked very unprofessional. I disclosed what happened in the listing but a photo of it is a good idea.