Clyde with bad mohair 😕

I was so excited about making a biracial Clyde. But then I found out the hard way that not all mohair is good. This is curly black mohair. It said “prewashing recommended.” Despite being washed several times, it still stained his forehead, neck, and ears. I managed to get a lot of the black off. But in some lights you can still see it. I also bought the same brand of black hair to put on a pale, white baby. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t start with that baby first. The stains would have been way more obvious on her. :confused:


Im sorry that happened.

mohair if created properly should never have to be prewashed. you can try rinising in cool water with vinegar. I have heard that this will se the dye if the proper acid dye was used.


So sorry that happened :frowning:

If the hair needs washing, that means the person selling it did not do the job right. I would never buy from anybody who says to test before rooting. NO, they have to test before selling, and keep rinsing and fixing until it is fast and does not run. Correctly processed mohair does not stain.


Thanks everyone. It’s Sophia’s heritage collection from Dolls by Sandie. It was cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. Lesson learned. :confused:

It’s happen to me with my Zuri, with an expensive quality mohair. I imagine the dye was cheap, maybe, or was not washed well. Now I was carefull with dark mohair and try a small qty on a test limb before !

I agree.

I did not like Sophia’s heritage hair at all but my friend does like it.

That is how I feel as well.