Clyde Awake?

Any news on if Clyde Awake is going to become a thing? Those of you at ROSE, any sneak peeks? :slight_smile: I’m crossing my fingers there will be one lol. Clyde Asleep is so cute already!

I pm’d @EmilyBB and asked but she hasn’t pm’d me back yet. I hope there will be.


You know, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t since a lot of the others have awake counterparts. Hmm? Guess time will tell!

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Oh no
I’m grounded from BB for 6 months :frowning:
Hopefully he will be an open edition

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Yes we do. I mean yes you do

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I think he’s my fav so far but not really looking for another sleeper so I was hoping. Oh well. There will be more on the way I suppose! :slight_smile:

I was hoping there would be. :frowning: He would be so cute with open eyes.