Clyde as a girl

I got a order for Clyde as a girl from a lady at church She pick her up this morning and loved her i sold her for 220.00


Beautiful! I’ve seen your work and you “gave” that baby away. What an adorable dress, too. :slight_smile:

She is sweet!

She is so adorable…Lovely reborning job… :smile:

@alicekay56 your work is amazing. I know you love your church members and it was sweet of you to give her such a great deal.


Aw, she’s a sweetie xx

She is precious!

thank you ladies

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She is just as cute as can be. Great price too. I’m sure she loved her!

the one I gave away was baby jesus and the church they loved him he was passed around the whole church then I started getting orders some of the people at chunch never seen reborns before it was a blessed day that sunday for me :grinning:


That sounds like it was a wonderful day for you! :slight_smile:

Such a sweet little girl to !!! Love your work !!