Clover/Jasper Bodies

Does anyone know another site where I can buy bodies for Clover and Jasper? BB has been out of them for the longest time. I have seen some listed on ebay for unmentionable prices and would rather not go that route if I don’t have to. Thanks a bunch.

Mandy Chapman at Kiddies Korner has one left in stock, but she’s based in Ireland so I’m not sure how much shipping might be…


Yeah shipping from Ireland would probably be more than the body itself lol. Thank you though :smile:

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DALD makes them! I need a Jasper one too.

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I’m looking for one too! I went to purchase one yesterday from BB, for the ‘demented tooth fairy’ and was disappointed that they are out of stock :disappointed:

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Awesome! Thank you for the information! I just placed an order!

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Yep they’ve been out forever!


When you placed your order did you fill out the part that asked for body type and body length? If so what did you put?
I just Want bodies for clover and jasper and don’t know if their normal bodies are skinny chubby or whatever…and I don’t know the length.

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Ok I’ll try that. I’ll just send her a message first and see if it ok to just put the kit name in the order form without all the other stuff that I don’t know. Thank you :smile:

I actually sent a link to bb’s site with all of the info on Jasper. As far as body type, I did add the extra gathering in the chest area. But that’s about it