Clothing sizes

I have been reborning for about 2 1/2 years now, and so help me I have NO idea who wears what size.

Are there ANY babies out there that REALLY wear a 3-6 mo. size? or even a 6 mo. size? Who can wear Preemie that fits vs Newborn that doesn’t fit quite right? I am stumped. Has anyone out there ever made a “for sure” list of sizes?

All I know for sure is that the quads…Kitten, Cuddles, Cookie and Ladybug all wear size 2 shoes! LOL And that the big quads: Tibby, Taylor, Tessa and Stinker all wear a size 4 shoe (most of the time). Even they can vary from 18mo to 24 mo. in clothing.

It is really quite frustrating.


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Okie dokie!
All can do are the babies I have done…so here go clothing sizes!

Sweet pea…3-6 moths
Large Rubert toddlers…18 months
Small RuBert toddlers…6-9 months, 3-6 months if you put 'em on a Libby body
Libby 3-6 months
Riley 0-3 months
Chrisy/Kendal/Kyle/Amber 0-3 months
Nolan 0-3 months
Kyra 0-3 months
Brea 9-3 months
Sam/Sera newborn
Ember/Tanner/Ella newborn
Suger & Honey newborn
Paige/Joey/Josie newborn or preemie if sizing runs small

Please add to my list, ladies!!!

Heather - 3-6 months
Shyann - newborn
Eden - 0-3 months
Kadence, Tayla - preemie
Paisley - 0-3 months

Part of the problem is that clothing sizes vary between manufacturers and vary even more after washing if you wash your dolly clothes. As any new mom knows that cute outfit seems a lot smaller coming out of the dryer. Which is why I warn my son to wash everything way before they think Catherine can wear it because clothes can and do still shrink.
Also the body you chose to use can change the size clothes.
My moby and Lucy have bodies for full legs and wear newborn.

I know Libby wore 3-6, and Heather for me fit into 3-6, so would Holly