Clothing size for Sofia?

Hello, someone knows what size of clothes uses Sofia by Reva Schick, I need a child who dresses clothes from 12 to 18 months. I still do not paint very well, but I want to make babies of different sizes that can model the clothes I make (they could recommend a small child that uses between 12 and 18 months)

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BB Tibby is 31 inches and wears 12-18 months. My 21 inch babies wear 0-3, and 3-6 months depending on manufacturer. Sofia is 25 inches so I think 9-12 months should fit her.

I checked Tibby a few days ago but it is sold out, I would also like a full arms kit.

Luca by Ping Lau is 30 inches with full limbs and is adorable. Madeline by Petra Seiffert is 30 inches with full arms, 3/4 legs and baby teeth.
Irresistables and MacPherson both have nice selections of toddler kits.
BB Emmy is 30 inches and has full limbs. She is currently available as seconds for $55.95.

I like Luca thank you :slight_smile: Emmy looks cute but her head is 19" I think it’s very big

I really like him too.

I have compared Emmy’s head size to growth charts and her head size it right on spot for an 18 month old.