Clothing sales!

Thought I would share if anyone is looking for some good deals on summer clothes and pjs.
JC Penney online has TONSSSSSS of Okie Dokie/Carter’s/Nike brands on sale.
2 PC summer sets as low as $5

Amazon has multiple sets under $10 for
Petit Lem Baby
Lots of 3 and 4 piece sets.
Super super cute, PL baby and okie dokie are some of my fav store brands!


Okay I had a little shop at JC Penny’s :joy::joy:


I’m over here thinking, Penney’s still exists??Since the rise of Amazon and the pandemic, I’m never sure what stores are still around!


I did too :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I saw the AD scrolling and was like well I’ll just take a look…
Then went to amazon and grabbed a few PL baby summer sets 🤦🤷🤷


I was a bit shocked to lol
If it wasn’t for a ad on fb I wouldn’t have known lol

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They had NASA sweatshirts in newborn, I couldn’t resist.

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Awww! Baby Achilles had a NASA onesie. I should buy one for whenever I make his kit match doll. :heart_eyes:


Oh no don’t tell me about these things!!! :rofl: ok I’m going to go have a peek!

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