Clothing for 18-22" reborn baby girls

I sometimes find it very difficult to find the right clothing for the reborn baby girls.(18 -22" dolls). I like to dress them really fancy, but spending, for example, $40 or more for an outfit seems excessive. Also, I want the neck edge to fit, so the joint won’t show. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You do have to be selective in clothing choices. I always dress the dolls in a white onesie, plus I get clothes where the neck fits snugly around the neck.


Like Amy said or, if you can sew, put little darts on the back edge of the neck opening to make it smaller. I find this works well on dresses for preemies.


I agree with Amy that you have to be selective. I love the Carter brand because they tend to be a little smaller around the neck especially the sleeper/pajamas. I have been crocheting since I was very young so I make a lot of my own outfits. This way I can size the neck line to what I need. It only cost me between 5-7$ to make them and I do use high quality baby yarn. It takes a little time, but I like being able to get the correct size and color combinations that I like.