Clothing and Pacifier help

Ok guys i need help. one of my friends wants the Darren Awake and Asleep Kits (Both of which are sold out right now) and I just need to know what size clothes he wears and what kind of Pacifiers he takes.


Preemie/ small newborn clothing and you’ll have to magnetize a pacifier for him. He wouldn’t take a modified or whole pacifier. A more rounded base one like a MAM or NUK would look best. Honeybugs also look nice on him.

ok thank you. that actually helps alot

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No problem! He’s an adorable sculpt

he is. I’m just waiting for both kit’s to come available again.

Someone may have them if you post an ISO post? We have a lot of kit hoarders here :rofl:

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what side diapers? i’ve got alot newborn size diapers in stock

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Newborn will fit just fine. :slight_smile: