Close up shot of my nephew's EYELASHES

For our files, if needed ~ little Deks is 7 months old now

He’s beautiful, and reference photos are always appreciated - thanks!

For some reason, boys always have the most amazing eyelashes! And don’t even get me started on those cheeks . . . He’s utterly adorable. Thanks for sharing.

He’s so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

A good look at eyebrows, too. Thanks Karen.

You’re welcome! I was soooo excited to see that extreme close-up shot of him on FB today…EYELASHES, YAY!!!

Gorgeous baby. Is this the newest grand nephew? I can’t believe it has been 7 months since you posted new born photos or was that a different baby?

We have TWO grand nephews this year…Deks was born in July (my sister’s grandson) and Reid in December (my husband’s brother’s grandson). They grow sooooo fast!!!

ADORABLE! thanks for posting such a great picture for us Karen. There are so many reference parts to look at

Oh my, he would make such a cute kit. Thanks for sharing this picture with us. Beautiful eyes and lashes.

He is a doll baby! And already breaking women’s hearts too! Such a solemn beautiful face. My son had really long dark eyelashes too. And at almost 28, he still is envied by friends for them!

What a beautiful child!!! I am saving his photo for those awesome eyebrows as well as eyelashes,

Thanks so much, ladies ~ I like to collect as many reference pics as possible; glad I could be of some help!

I agree on the brows…one of the things I struggle most with is getting the brows in the right place, not tooooo HIGH! Hate it if my babies look like they’re surprised all the time…LOL