Close call! Warning!

This morning while doing some details on my doll I went to use a sponge to tap out a bit of color and was HORRIFIED when my nearly finished week of work baby had a big cream/ white blotch under her nose! I apparently had a cream prisma pencil resting too close to a sponge that may have had a bit of thinner on it and it took the color off the outside of the pencil crayon and transferred as easily as paint but stuck immediately. I managed to remove it but whoa Nelly, it was close. Don’t pull a Karyn! :flushed:


Glad you caught it and were able to remove it. I’m definitely going to be more mindful of where my sponges are. I never really thought about it.


I grabbed my trusty toothpick and started rubbing at it and got it off. My heart started beating again about 10 minutes later lol!