Clearance finds

January I’d such a great month for clearance items. I found this today at Walmart for $1.00.
Anyone else have a great find??


2 pack muslin swaddle blankets for $3 pack!
Also got several vintage colored pacis for $5 for 3


That’s a really good price! A 2 pack of muslin blankets here costs minimum 25-30$ :scream:

That is great, where???


They had 5 different design packs. 2 for boy, 2 for girl and 1 gender neutral color styles.
They had lots of baby stuff on clearance but I didn’t get to browse much, just grabbed what I walked past lol

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Ooo I’m gonna have to go check out my target tomorrow!!

Target has such amazing clearance!

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My latest clearance find are a pair of glittery unicorn shoes from Belk for $2.50!

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I got this dress last week from sams club for 4.51

Sorry, It’s a lil blurry


Nice finds, there are quite a few tops and pants in the 2T to 4T section. I didn’t buy anything from our WM but I did find a couple of vintage outfits in a Thrift Store.

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Found these at Carter’s yesterday. The preemie outfit has an additional onesie and they were both an additional 20% off.


Great finds!!! I LOVE clearance deals!!!

Thanks, that’s awesome. Target does a great job marking stuff down. Walmart is a hit or miss. But thanks!!