Claudia interview with a vampire

Which sculpts do you think would make the best Claudia? I have always loved the movie interview with a vampire, and Claudia is just gorgeous. I always think of Rowan, but does anyone see a different choice?


I loved that too! I used to have all the books! I’ll think about possibilities. Rowan sounds good though. I’d love to see the end product, I’m excited already:)

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Oh! Let me show you my favorite by @calimel


She’s gorgeous!

Isn’t see amazing??? I am obsessed with her! She is long sold… But I still show off he pictures! :kiss:

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She is!
If you are not exclusively thinking about BB kits this kit might work

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I think Avalon, Gabriella ( ), Angelica by Reva Schick, all three of the above are available at the site listed above.