Chunky kits

Okay, so I’m wanting to get a chunky kit (think Maddie by Bonnie brown) for my personal collection and I’d love to see what y’all could come up with! Somewhere in the 0-3m-6-9m size (22”-26”), preferably sleeping (hence not Maddie), price tag for the kit being under $130, and full limbs! I’m curious what comes to mind for y’all!
Forgot to mention! I love fists on kits like this!

Not sure what size this kit wears but it’s chunky. Juno by Priscilla Lopes!


BBs big Joseph or June?


Huxley is a chunker. I am not sure about sleepers. You can search @MacPhersonCrafts by size :slight_smile:

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Alexis by Cassie Brace (21-22", full limbs). Ariella by Reva Schick (22", 3/4 arms, full legs). Ivy Jane by Melody Hess (22" full limbs). This is the only one I’ve done that I regret selling.
You may have a hard time finding all of those qualifications in one kit.


Starling has chubby cheeks. But her body is more long and lanky. She’s a big baby though.


Robin asleep by Nikki Johnston is a chunky little one. Starling is another
Kai (sold out)
Nova brace

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What a cutie! I love those chunky legs! Thanks for the rec!

@EnchantedOrphanage from my understanding both of those kits wear 18-24m and I don’t have space to store a baby quite that large haha. Also I don’t want to root another baby with an 18” head circumference unless I’m being paid to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Peachtree I’ve though about Hux but with the problems everyone’s had I’m so nervous too. I have looked through Mac’s by size but because their photos often don’t show clear photos of limbs I also wanted to ask!

@jeanhai I’m actually currently painting an Alexis and it’s not a kit I want for my personal collection, but! It is the right size, so I may just have to hold out for another Cassie Brace, lol. I know it’s some very specific stuff, that’s why I asked for recs, I think it makes me sound pickier than I actually am lol. I’ll look at Ivy! I think that’s one I haven’t looked at yet!

@Katinafleming oooh I had looked at Starling last night! What do you think of the hands? They seem so almost unnatural for a sleeping kit? I’d love to know if they’re more relaxed in person!

@SouthernLullabies I think Robin was on my list to look at further! I’ll check out the others as well! I realized why I needed to look at Robin further, have you ever painted her? What is up with her left hand? Is it wonky?

Thank you all for the replies!

I like Starlings hands. She can wrap her hands around your finger.

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Aww! That’s very cute!

I am just about finished with my 3rd Hux. The problems are minor IMO and the finished baby is worth it and more

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I have not. I want to tho. She’s one of my dream kits lol she’s out of stock last I checked tho. I’m not a huge fan of her hand, where it curls slightly but I’ve not read any issues tho. I know a few artist on this forum have painted her tho!

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Definitely Ariella. Ours is a big chunky baby for sure! But she has 3/4 arms. Love her on our full leg body that we just got from @Leabelle. I just need to get the right size rings so her legs aren’t stuck in one position so bad. She wears a 0-3m or a 3m in clothes.