Christmas pose for reborn

Hanging out under the tree pretending to be baby Jesus!


He makes a sweet baby Jesus! I’m going to make one to put under our tree next year. I have sleeping Logan coming and see if he is a candidate :slight_smile:

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Logan was my choice. I wanted him darker. But I ran out of time. But he works for baby Jesus.


He is gorgeous, looks so real.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes! He worked great! You did a beautiful job! Love the coloring!

This would be lovely if my cat hadn’t destroyed my tree! It’s completely broken lol we’ll need a new one next year.
The little black and white one is the culprit, the other just happened to have heard the noise and came to investigate


My Max is playing baby Jesus this year, haha.



Ugh. Cats are such p.i.a.s! I didn’t want to be chasing Carrie Fisher out of a tree ten times a day so I did this instead of a tree this year. I haven’t had to yell at the cats once. Lol

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He makes a great baby Jesus!

My kitten would’ve climbed the wall to get to that :rofl: He took every ornament off from the middle down and then knocked the darned thing over and broke it. Now it’s saggy and the bottom lights don’t work lol He really likes ornaments and anything he can steal! Now that the tree is ornament-less, he stole a freaking POTATO last night :rofl: :persevere: He’s such a little brat but he’s cute and I really think we set ourselves up for this by naming him Loki :sweat:

Yeah, no good can come of naming a cat after Loki! It sounds like he keeps you on your toes! At least he’s super cute :joy:

Nothing good at all lol He’s evil (ish) and he gets his sister into trouble constantly!

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When my cat was younger he did the same thing. Extremely upsetting because he broke nearly half my glass bulb collection that I had for years. But then I took a real tree stand put my artificial tree pole in it and cemented it. Now it’s perfectly strong and he never attended again.