Christmas babies?

For the babies you sell around Christmas do you market them with a Christmas theme (Christmas photo shoot, holiday outfits)? And if so, when do you start doing that? How early is too early? How late is too late? Curious minds want to know :joy::christmas_tree:


I’ve started on some Christmas babies already. Will list around the start of November. I would keep the Christmas theme going through Christmas probably. People may buy up until days before so I figure might as well advertise them for the season! As far as the theme, I go all out lol. Christmas outfit, mini Christmas tree for photos, stockings, candy canes, everything! If they sell as a gift I wrap them up with Christmas goodies. If not, or not specified, I send them in one themed outfit and then just include regular doll accessories. Last year I made two Christmas babies as gifts and named them Holly and Noel. Christmas babies are my favorite :joy::heart::christmas_tree:


I start with the Christmas clothing in December.


Thanks for the input guys! I think I’ll start once November hits! I can’t wait to break out all my Christmas decorations! I’ve already been googling cute Christmas photo ideas!

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