Choosing kits

I’m just curious, when buying a new kit how do you choose, do you pick one that has just been released because you want it before it sells out? do you buy only those that will sell well? Or do you only buy the ones you like?
I haven’t purchased many kits being new to this but I’m picking ones that I just think are cute and I like the details, most of them seem to be older kits though so by choosing older ones am I likely to have more trouble selling them?

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I buy only what I like. I make reborns because I like it and wouldn’t be motivated to paint a kit I’m not a fan of.
If I were really unable to sell a reborn, I’d just keep them.


I pick ones that I’m attracted to and that I think will sell.


If I’m ordering from bountiful baby I normally buy what is on sale whether I like it or not. And half the time a kit I think I do not like turns out to be one of my favourites once I paint it. If I am ordering from McPherson‘s I like to order the ones that I think are cute. I’m in Canada so ordering lots of kits from BB in one order makes more sense for shipping.


I purchased a kit just because someone was selling it cheaper, wasn’t overly keen on it and I have no idea what to do with it lol, it’s the Tracy kit

I made her before I think she turns out cute.

I just buy what I like- if it’s cute and I like it, then I am having fun when I work on it. And then in turn it turns out good and cute :slight_smile: I simply don’t do ones I even mildly dislike


I usually buy what I like and have a vision for but I have bought a few in the past that I bought because they were cheap. Tracy actually turns out pretty cute if you don’t accentuate the forehead wrinkles too much. You can always sell the kit if you really dislike it.

I just buy the ones I like. I can’t enjoy painting a kit otherwise.

She turns out cute and is good sized.

I made this one a couple years ago. He was easy to reborn and I thought he came out real cute.

I never give a thought to whether it would sell. Because I have never intended to sell my babies. I am not an artist in the first place, and I would have a very long road to go before I could even begin to make dolls of the quality to sell. I purchase what I like. I have seen a lot of kits on good sales, but if I don’t like them, I don’t buy them. I like way too many as it is. :slight_smile: My stash would speak for that. I guess for some, this is a business, but for me it is a hobby.

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I buy the ones I like or have a good vision of how I would reborn them. They don’t have to be the most popular or cutest or most expensive kits. If you like the older kits then go for it. Get the ones you know you will enjoy doing. If they are well done I don’t see any reason why they would not sell.

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Sometimes the older ones sell faster because there isn’t 300 of them out there at the same time.


When I started I bought kits on sale that were cute. Then I was afraid to paint them and ruin them.

So I actually bought some I didn’t like on purpose and they have become favorites.

Out of my stash I’d say 1/3 I’m saving until I can confidently paint them without fear I’m going to ruin them.

Presley awake/asleep
Kase awake/asleep
Asher awake/asleep
Thomas asleep

Then I have kits I want to use as portrait sculpts of my kids

Right now I’m in the middle of stripping all the ones I first painted except for the very first ones for nostalgia reasons because I have such a hard time with hands and feet that they are really really REALLY bad. I never got into this art form to sell, I just wanted a baby to use to catalog my studio props but reborning kinda took over and photography has kinda fallen to the wayside especially with our current pandemic soooooo glad I had that to keep me busy.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is when you first start out it’s good to have a few kits in your stash your not afraid to paint but if you are painting to sell I would definitely stay away from the older kits and focus on the newer realborns or preorder some limited edition kits


When I first started I just picked the cheapest sale kits because I knew I would most likely ruin them. Then I started painting realborns that went on sale because I love them (still do). Then I started branching out and buying sculpts that appealed to me. My rule is under a 100 bucks, I don’t do preorders, that is too frustrating for me. I like babies who are odd looking, preemies (but not too small you can’t find clothes for them) and babies with expressions.


I do look for the cheaper ones because im afraid to ruin expensive ones too x


I think I like the newborn looking ones so will probably end up with a stash of those, I like some of the odd looking ones but I don’t think I could do them justice so will leave those to the experts for now :joy:

I tend to choose kits I like cause I don’t think I could do justice to a kit that I just don’t care for. Needless to say, I have a huge stash!! Addiction anyone?


Right here! :+1: :+1: lol