Chinese vinyl

A couple of well established North American reborn doll kit suppliers have sent out notifications recently about kits coming from China being delayed due to the Corona virus. Hmmmmmm…if we’re buying kits from them that are being produced in China then why all the worry about Chinese vinyl?

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The knockoff kits are not made of the same thing and they are not safety tested.


Different factories that legit suppliers use vs. the factories the scammers use.


I didn’t know there was an issue with “Chinese” vinyl I thought the issue was with the Companies in Hong Kong and China that are stealing sculpts to make knock off reborn and stealing photos and videos to market babies they don’t intend to deliver.


The problem is that BB, for example, has lots of safety tests in place. There are a lot of requirements for their vinyl and there are regular tests to make sure those requirements are met.
The knockoff ones don’t. It costs more money and effort to fulfill those safety requirements, so they don’t tend to do those. Making it more likely that they make a product that can be very harmful.


@Gabriell, you’re right. Those kits are unethically produced but also unhealthily produced. Don’t know if the last -un is a real word but it seemed to fit what I meant to say.


Almost everything is made in China nowadays . The difference is the quality requirement from different well known brands etc . To stolen once have nobody behind double checking quality etc .
Also it is easy for them to make its own copy as they have the original sculpt or the resign of it .
I don’t think anyone can be all the time at the factory supervising them .


There are two types of Chinese made reborn kits; one being legitimate and one being cheap, poor quality and quite often, stolen and copied versions of the legitimate sculpts.

I am a sculptor myself and I know a factory owner in China who produces kits for some of the top sculptors and her kits are made to a specific standard with many tests being done to ensure that the kits are made to the highest quality using the best materials to produce them.

Unfortunately, there are lots and lots of knockoff Chinese copied kits, like Saskia by Bonnie Brown which is a popular kit when it comes to being reproduced illegally, in fact, a lot of Bonnie’s kits are being stolen, reproduced illegally and then they advertised as cheap reborn dolls for about $100. So many people fall for these scams :pensive:

The knockoff Chinese copies are generally made from a toxic type of vinyl which is not the same sort of vinyl that is used to produce the legitimate kits. The toxic vinyl leeches out very harmful chemicals when it is heated unlike normal reborn kits and the paint often doesn’t stick to the vinyl very well either because it is cheap and nasty compared to legit reborn kits :confused:


Very true, the knockoff vinyl is generally quite toxic because it is cheaper and when artists like you or I go to cure the paint on these kits in an oven, those toxic chemicals will come out of the vinyl and we will breathe in the nasty chemicals.

Of course, the legit reborn doll kits vinyl is toxic when heated to an extent but not like the cheap knockoff kits vinyl because they most likely aren’t safety tested thus, they are likely to be made of a toxic, cheap and nasty vinyl :grimacing::mask:

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