Chinese babies


A customer has asked me if I reborn Chinese babies. She didn’t have any kit names for me as shes fairly new to collecting but knows she wants a Chinese looking reborn.
I am fairly new to selling so its like the blind leading the blind. She sent me some screen shots of kits but I think they are fakes off ebay (she didn’t know about the fake kits, I explained it to her)
Can anyone recommend any genuine Chinese kits for me please. And where I can buy in the UK! I’ve searched and searched but all I’m coming up with is information about fake kits from China


I know Ping Lau has some. An-Ming, for ex. But I don’t know about buying in the UK. Sorry!


Bountiful Baby has a few that look Asian. Fei Yen and Kameko come to mind, and there are other Bountiful Baby kits that could pull off being a Chinese baby.


Searching for Asian reborn kits might get you more results. I would look at Adrie Stoete kits also.

I love Luli (temporarily out of stock)

Here is a link to Adrie’s kits on macphersons site.


Maybe look for Asian kits, not specifically Chinese?
She’s currently out of stock, but realborn Laila is very sweet.


Thank you so much :grin: I knew I would find the answer here.
I’m coming up with much more results now when I’m searching


Jack has a bit of an Asian look.


I’m working on a Posy kit for a custom. She’s such a cutie pie - I may make another! (And I haven’t ever done a baby twice. Lol!) She is an Asian kit, but I did shade the eyes a little bit to give them a more almond shape. She’s available at Macpherson’s.

Linda murray, Tami. Adrie Stoete has a few asian kits but I’m not sure if they are specifically Chinese. How about BB Kimi? Out of stock but maybe some one might have her…but not sure what ethnic background she is. Also, Luca Kit Elly Knoops might work.

Mae by Sandy Faber is cute.

River is another one I feel is very asian looking but idk if it’s still available or sold out

Jack would be a great choice!!!

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Jack looks like my oldest nephew did when he was a baby. People constantly asked me if he was Chinese. (He isn’t.)
Then later came my son, who is Chinese and polynesian on his father’s side, and no one ever asked. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Kameko would be challenging. She looks way more alien than Asian to me.

Can you show your Posy?

Akina and Luli by Adrie Stoete.

Sure! This is a WIP, but what I’ve got so far.



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Thank you everyone. Some great suggestions for me to research :blush:

Laura Lee Eagles has this one coming out soon