Children's consignment sale goodies

OMGosh! I went to a consignment sale, spent 104.00 and got some adorable things. I didn’t take a picture of the fifteen onsies.


Wow, You got a ton of stuff. Is that a bag of little shoes in the bottom photo to the right of the swaddle pad?

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That is a bag of little socks. The thing with socks is sellers put the nice one on the outside and the grimy one inside. I didn’t do so well with those.

I’m dead. I love nothing better than a deal. What a HAUL!!

Are you trying to hide those tootsie’s in the bottom center??? lololol

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Awesome score!!! We had a $1 sale at my local consignment and I got 40 outfits, several blankets, hats, bottles and brand new in pack pacis all for $55!!!

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Yay!! looks like a grand find! I love deals.

Way to go…nothing like a great deal on nice things…!k…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What a fantastic deal :blush:

Yes, hiding my Frankenstein leg.

Great find!