cher's mohair

I got Chere’s mohair just now and it’s so soft and beautiful. I love the medium brown color. Now my mind is made up, i’m ordering every color you have!!!
Thank- You so much Cher.

Thank you Cher - I received my order as well and I must say it is beautiful. I’ll post photos when I get some of it rooted. I love the soft brown and subtle red you chose for me!

Thank you so much Ladies !!! I am so glad you are happy !! And any time you want more -I am here !!!
Tammy they said your would be there about tues

Cher - I hope you have received the MO I sent you?

You can see my hair and just order here -it is $45 and oz or $25 a 1/2 I include shipping in this price !!! Also I can do up just about any color you need.

Thank you Joa44 -I just got in my order so WE have Lots of wonderful hair !!!
For those of you who dont know what it takes to process this -I will give you a short run down :
I always get RAW fiber as the lanonin that is on it is natures protecter and keeps the fiber soft and shiny !!! So to start -lots of very hot water and 1/4 cup ph balanced soap-soak about 15-20 min,drain out the muddy water and go again-more hot water more soap -about 7 times -till water is clear when rinsed , rinse out all soap drain , soak in conditioner ,rinse again and blot dry -lay on drying wracks and dry compleatly in warm area depending on weather 2-4 days- once dry you can start to dye the fiber -sort thru fiber and weigh out just over one oz -heat water to boil add dye and ph stabilizer turn down to simmer and add hair -set 20 min and add acid fixer-slowly over 20 min -drain and cool slightly ,rinse -a ton in very -very hot water ,drain ,blot and dry compleatly again and then you can begain combing out each lock- between the dirt and this combing out you will loose about 1/3 of your start weight- dry again and NOW its ready to sell !!! AND thats why mohair is so darned expencive !!!LOL

Awwww thanks Tiff!!! I am so glad you like it !!!

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Cher, I’m right on board with Tiffany and will place my future orders from you. I love the way the hair rooted cleanly and as I conditioned it, it was so easy to style. Thanks so much for all your hard work.