Cherry top?

So…what’s a cherry top? This girl is in Australia. I’m not going to entertain her requests. He’s a $99 cuddle baby. Take it or leave it. But can someone tell me what a cherry top is? (I like the way she clarified btw but assume I know what cherry top means. :roll_eyes:)


Never heard of it before :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. @Missly21?

I looked at the Aussie slang dictionary and nothing there…the only thing I can find is that “cherry top” means that some small, nice, present is included. Maybe by Tops…she wants more than one nice present :wink:


I saw this on an Etsy site called Cherry Top. LOL Too cute not to share.


Following – never heard of it.

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beats me! please let us know when you find out.

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This might be it. Especially since she follows up by asking to make it special. I did respond asking what she means and what she expects to make it special. But whatever she wants…it ain’t gonna happen. You don’t get to go on a site, find one of the cheapest dolls listed, and then start making special requests. Even if I was feeling generous…I don’t believe in rewarding that kind of behavior. :confused:


To be honest I haven’t heard that phrase before, at least not here in the north. Those ‘southern city folk’, assuming she is from there, they have a different language than us. Lol. My interpretation would be that she is asking for ‘red hair’.


I asked my Aussie friend. She thought maybe it means red hair too.


I don’t know what cherry tops means. Maybe I’m getting a baby, but the cherry on top would be extra goodies? That’s my best guess.

I frequently throw in a little something extra for people getting their first baby from me, but not when they do stuff like this. I had one recently continually asking for so much stuff (after I already honored old doll prices, so she was getting a good discount) that I got irritated and refunded her.


I agree. I almost always throw in extras. Especially if it’s for a kid. But this is a $99 cuddle baby. It’s extremely rude to ask for extras any time, but especially on a doll this cheap. I think she also still thinks shipping is $20, even though I told her it would be $80. Or maybe she’s thinkining since she has to pay so much for shipping I should add extras to balance the cost. I really don’t think some of these people understand that we don’t profit off the shipping cost. :confused:


She should ask the post office for some cherry tops. :joy:


$99 and she still wants more?! I thought red hair, too, but she uses the word “tops” which would mean more than one of something.:thinking:


Right?! But this is her first reborn. So I should make it special. Isn’t the reborn the special part? And the price makes it super special. Take it or leave it. :grimacing:


Cherry tops… Police… :thinking: Maybe she wants you to make it haul @$$ to her!!! LOL :laughing:


First thing that comes to mind is red hair. But I never heard that before either.

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I think she is asking for some little extras to be added to her doll in the form of layette items etc (since this is her first doll and she wants it to be special)


My guess would be that she is asking for red hair. We say carrot top maybe they say cherry top.


Now I have another lady asking me to add hair and switch his body to full vinyl limbs. Seriously, I’ve never listed a doll this cheap. And I’ve never gotten so many “requests” for upgrades. Crazy how you can list a doll for $300 and nobody questions it, they just pay and be happy. But you list a doll for nearly nothing and all the entitled brats show up asking for more. :grimacing: