Checking kits

I have some kits and Iam not sure who they are help please

Londyn Pratt sold on Bountiful Baby

Thank you I’ve been out for close to a year . And I have about eight or 10 kits but they’re all real big kids I have a 3 1/2 year-old and she likes the preemie size dolls LOL so I was going through my kits Trying to figure out which one I was going to do her for Christmas

Do you think a Joey head would be OK on Premie limbs ?

I think this one is Josie.

I am not sure. it would depend on the limbs. I do not think the head would go with limbs from kits like Megan/tayla/teagan/miles/kaelin/Kadence (they all share limbs)

I think that’s the limbs I have :sleepy:

Can I ask why you think they couldn’t go together

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Joey is a 19" kit while the preemie limbs that Jen listed above are for 16" babies… those limbs would be way to small for Joey.


You can try it before painting and see. Just stuff the body you plan to use and put those limbs and head on take some pics and look. The head should be 1/4 of the length. ( I think… that is the formula they use when sculpting)