Check out this Shyann! … 2ebeddcfe9

She’s so newborn-ish and cute! I love her!

She is just gorgeous… I love the hair too!! Sophia is cuter though!!

This is the most natural beautiful Shyann I have seen. Most of the reborns of her are too glam. I love this one.

i like how they gave her a baby look instead of older. and the change of limbs helps!!

Love that look. I have a kit I haven’t started yet of her. Now another look to consider!

Definitely so adorable, you never see Shyann done like that, she is always a pretty-pretty type. love it

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She is just gorgeous… I love the hair too!! Sophia is cuter though!!

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Thanks, Pia…of course she is.

beautiful and she sold for a decent price…good for her!!! Now lets just hope the seller actually pays for her.

I know Cindy…that whole getting paid thing can be tricky these days. YIKES…sure hope so, though.

Karen! You are making me spend money! Now I have to get Cheyanne, too! That is one beautiful baby. I’d spend even more to get her. I liked how she showed the basic doll, too, then dressed as a baby. and the blingin’ binkie! How cute is THAT?? Thanks for pointing her out to us. (I think! )

Like we NEED more kits to do, right??? Well, now I HAVE TO HAVE a Shyann so I can make her look more newbornish like this one instead of the pageant baby type that I also enjoy so much. I just love her face, but boy, this newborn one really melts my heart.

Oh gosh, I’d be THRILLED to be able to sell my babies for $325 each…in fact, I think in 10 yrs. of reborning, I’ve only sold a handful of mine for more than that. I’m just never going to be in that league of high rolling reborners and I’m okay with that. I had to go back and look at the shine; I don’t think it’s too bad…I’ve seen worse. I don’t mind a little bit of shine, really. Now if they are so shiny that they are GLOWING, well…nope…pass on that one…

She is beautiful.

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She is one of the best Shyannes I have seen! Do you know where she bought that adorable pacifier?

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I am pretty sure it is an “embellished” Mam Pacifier… (they sell them at Walmart and just about everywhere else)…