Check Out the Latest Prototype Twin Realborn® Aspen!

Good Afternoon,

We have a new beautiful Realborn® Aspen prototype on eBay! This baby is the twin sister to Leif. She is about 18 inches long, and comes with full vinyl legs and arms. This stunning prototype was reborn by master artist Jacqueline Kramer. Be sure to check out her auction: You can also see her auction featured on our home page at:

Thanks Everyone!

Bountiful Baby


When is my baby June coming ? We bonded at Rose lol


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Such a cutie :blush: Lots of people should be excited to have a new awake Realborn :wink: Personally, I love them either way, sleeping or awake :blush:

Cute alright but I am still waiting for Landon,Emma,Quinn and possibly Madison :smile:

:flushed: dang I hate pictures of myself :neutral_face: But baby June looks good

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I know and I was nice and waited til you were hidden behind the cute baby :wink:

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