Check list for reborning

I was just thinking—we have alot of new reborners here. Let’s create a list of things for them to consider when creating their babies.

mottling (if desired, and if confident to do it)
creases and shading
hair (unless bald is irresistable)
causcaian, AA, etc. (best to perfect caucasian first)
veins (this takes practice, too)

quality stuffing and weighting materials
quality body
clothing (new or “I can’t tell that it’s been worn” )
gloss areas to appear wet

Assembly–glue hair (make sure hair is secure and that glue is well dried before assembly)
glue magnets for bow or pacis, if including them
glue eyes well if inserted from inside
Make sure weighting materials such as glass or polypellets are securely in place
Make sure zip ties are tight
powder scented wafers

As others think of things, I will add them to the list. Hope this helps those just starting out. Any questions, just ask. We are here to help.

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Wonderful idea, Kim! Thanks for doing this! Heaven knows I am certainly no expert, but if it’s okay, I’d like to add my 2 cents worth:

Please use GOOD EYES…not the el-cheapo $2.00 plastic ones that are meant for play dolls or stuffed animals. I’m saying let’s use Eyeco, BB, or glass eyes. If you’re going to go to all the trouble to make a doll, the eyes and the hair are the most important things. GOOD mohair, like from Cher or Slumberland, for example…NOT the crummy, cheap stuff. Yes, it costs a bit more, but this is one of those times when you truly get what you pay for, and it is sooooo worth it! This is an expensive art, no doubt about that. But why bother to do a doll and then ruin it with cheap eyes and cheap mohair? And, as Kim mentioned…seal the hair from the inside. If you don’t, it will fall out and all that rooting was for nothing.

It is VERY important what is INSIDE your baby as well. PLEASE do NOT use cat litter, dirt, rocks, or dirty sand from a sandbox. Fine glass beads, please, and super-soft polyfill. It won’t matt or clump and makes a HUGE difference. Also, the glass beads should be enclosed in CLEAN, FRESH, NEW nylons for obvious reasons. For weight in the butt, I use a bag of poly pellets…the soft plastic pellets you can buy at Walmart. Keep in mind that your baby doesn’t need to weigh 40 pounds…dead weight is heavier to lift, so a 4 -5 lb. reborn feels the same as holding a 6-7 lb. baby.

Keep in mind that those zip ties we use to hold the arms, head, and legs in place need to be trimmed. NEVER send a baby out to its new mom without doing so. If not trimmed properly, the rough edge can scratch someone or poke through and make a hole in the clothing. I trim mine with a fingernail clipper and then use a clean, new emery board to make sure there are no rough, sharp edges. It’s the “little” things that mean the most sometimes, and these little details will make or break your baby.

Also…if you don’t know how to open the nostrils, please leave them alone. I’d rather see painted nostrils than jagged, uneven ones. If you open them, back with dark colored felt so no one can see inside your baby’s head. We don’t need to see the stuffing. We’re going for a realistic look, remember?

Kim, if any of this makes any sense and you want to add it to your list, please do. If not, please let me know if I’ve overshot the mark here and I will delete if needed. You know how I can get carried away.

Hope I’ve helped a little; we’re ALL learning every day. Let’s play dolls!

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Karen, you have added some things to consider and I will add them to the list in the next couple days.

Beginners—if you have questions that don’t seem to be addressed here, let us know.

Yes thank you for the emery board tip I try to poke mine back in to the seam but I have had a couple of times no matter what I did they would not go.

This is wonderful thank you

Ok heres mine (2 cents that is ) Please dont enclose anything in a plastic bag or rubber glove and put it inside the body , these things break down over time ,crackel and slide around !!!
Do Not Smoke in the same building as you reborn in -you might not smell it but WE CAN !!! and when shipping your babies out wrap limbs and face with tissue or bubble wrap and then a blanket and secure to the box or pack around baby so it cant move or shift during travel

Thanks for all the good ideas and reminders…where in the world do you get baby powder pellets? That’s a new one for me! I’m a little worried about using the mohair from BB after seeing all the other recommendations…should I order from the other places in the future?–Rhonda