Cheap clothes!

Gotta love finding good deals on baby clothes. Found an outfit (Onesie and pants) for $5 at walmart today. Its super cute. I will post pictures when I get a sec.



cute outfit

one of the walmarts couple freeway exits from me been having clearance on clothing i got a 3 piece outfit set today for a doll ill be working soon for $9 today clearnce reg $13

Our Walmart has 1 dollar sales events. The items range from babies to adult clothes. When these happen I go a little crazy. The problem is , you never know when it is happening unless you are there…

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These are so cute. If you like cute cheap used and new clothes, I have a girl on Facebook Tiffany Hodges (Tiffany’s Reborn Accessories) and she posts clothes, outfits , blankets, pacifiers and bottles. You can buy up to 12 pieces with just $4 shipping. She has sales of $1. Off and half price pretty frequently

Thanks I just joined the group. :slight_smile:

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Oh, we share good taste! I just came home from Wal-Mart with the same onesie!