Cheairdry paints

Hi Ladies I want to share info about my air dry paint line - our paints are VERY easy to use and come in almost 100 colors
they are non toxic , Fade resistant , mar and scratch resistant and very translucent - we also have dozens of classes to go with these paints as well AND the cost is very reasonable compared to most other brands
We will be teaching a class at Rose using these paints and invite you to check them out
I just added a new line called superskin tones that makes BEAUTIFUL bi-racial /ethnic and AA skin tones with no muddying and in just 1-4 layers -even if you really like GHSP you might want to check these out for your babies of color !!!
we have a website but youll need to e-mail me if you wish to order as they message link will not work on the site


I tried the link. It says it isnt working. Like no one has published it.


Me too.

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Try this link

here are a few babies done with Chr’air dry paints and the new Super Skin Tone Paints. To see more go to the link above. Thanks

by Cher Simnitt

by Tonya Trapple


Tonya -Thanks for posting these Pics ! If you want easy to use Air dry paint that give beautiful results please give these a try

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I love these paints. They are so easy and fast. Can’t wait to try the new Super Skin Tone paints.

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Awww Thanks Jouglardj - they really are - And you will LOVE the super skin tone line

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Every one here know I love my Cheairdry paints. I can hardly wait to try the super skin!

Hi. Do you have a tutorial as well?

she has several. as well as free classes,

Paula did you ever try the superskin yet? Wondering how you like them, if so.

I have not tried the superskin yet. I have placed two orders since this thread started and forgot both times. :blush:

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I love the super skins!

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Hi Ladies I have not been on in several months as I have been with my Grand baby Emma who was diagnosed Oct 13th with stage 4 liver cancer -spread to both lungs , Emma is going thru several more rounds of chemo and then will hopefully get liver surgery or a transplant .
My daughter and Husband have kept orders filled and shipped quickly while I have been away -now that I am back home we have started a Face book page and will be doing paint alongs and videos to go along with our paints we also are holding several give aways and specials
please visit us at and like our FB page at Redirecting...

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Oh i am so sorry to hear that! Put your family in my prayers.

its very very hard to watch some one you love who is so small go thru so much - thank you for all prayers she really needs them