Che'air dry verses golden

Has anyone compared che’air results to the golden paints? Been having my Che’air dolls fading over time, was wonderng about the golden, learning curve ect. I also do use genesis. Thanks

Golden are a whole lot more concentrated so the colors will last longer. They also take some getting used to because they are so highly pigmented and they dry super fast. Che’air paints are watered down artist grade so when you add more thinners and/or water they have little to no binders left in them causing them to fade over time. You can continue to use them but I highly recommend adding a little bit of some kind of medium back in like a little Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel or golden matte medium so the binders are there to help prevent color fade.


Thanks for the reply :innocent: Is there much of a learning curve w the golden?

I agree with April 100%. There is a learning curve with golden. They definitely are a lot more concentrated so you have to learn to think them on your own. To me, they also grab quicker. Since Golden was not made with reborning in mind, they don’t have all of the colors that we use so you may have to do a bit of color mixing.

I absolutely love Golden and will likely never switch again. Not only is the quality top notch, but it’s great to be able to get them from any art store.


I also agree with @sweetiepieapril . I use Golden, I switched from Liquitex and JoSonja. When I switched it took me some time to get comfortable with them but like @DollyPardon I have no desire to ever switch to another paint. I never have any issues with them. I found mediums that work for me and ratio of water mixed with wetting agent that protect the integrity by reducing the surface tension and holds all those paint molecules together :wink:

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